Monday, 7 November 2011

jangan couple sebelum kahwin, TAK BEST!

salam ..hmm,its esp sad to see my muslim and muslimah ,brothers and sisters(im sorry to say this but i just have too) who knows whats haram and halal, who brings people to understand islam, who fights for islam, but at the same time is in an lawful relationship. Think about it ikhwah, lets say the time you are going to be single will be maximum 5 insyaAllah, what is 5 years being single, compare to then being married where you will be together forrr as long as Allah wills. Ambil lah masa 5 tahun itu untuk mensucikan diri kita . Ingat surah baqarah ayat 216…

Jika kita merampas sesuatu nikmat itu sebelum tiba masa yang sepatutnya, kita tidak akan lagi merasa nikmatnya apabila masanya telah tiba. (contohnya: merampas nikmat bercinta berlainan jantina yg sepatutnya dirasai selepas nikah). So if you want to taste the sweetness of a marriage and desire to have a blessed love, please, prevent (or stopppppp) yourself from ‘snatching’ it before the real time arrives.

Many couple out there might say that being in love is very beautiful (erhhh), and indeed it makes the hearts feel comforted. However, you know something? —> it is syaithan who makes you feel that way. 
If you say: “I don’t know what to do, I can’t stop having this feeling for that person…” Then I will say: “You need not to do anything. Having the feelings is not something sinful as it is not in our control, instead, when you try to express those feelings (by words or actions) towards the person you love, then only it becomes something haram. 
Believe me! 

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